MKMMA Week 2: I Always Keep My Promises

I haven’t had much experience with farming or gardening. But this week, several parts of the readings and even the webinar gave me a whole new appreciation for the miracles that happen when farmers and gardeners prepare fields and soil, plant seeds, and then TRUST and BELIEVE that Nature will keep its promises, just as it always has.

Shortly into this week’s webinar, the speaker talked about planting a bulb and enthusiastically looking forward to the tulip, hyacinth, or crocus flower it would produce. I laughed when she then said “No sane person would dream of planting the flower and expect a bulb to come up. That’s totally backwards. Yet in our general life, many of us do just that.” Yep, been there, done that.

I also have a renewed and profound appreciation for how my subby has kept its promises all these years to maintain and heal my body. As I’ve done the sit exercises, not moving and not thinking (well, learning to not think), I’ve been totally in awe of how my heart, lungs, and blood continue functioning without me having to ask or direct their activities. Haanel reminds us in The Master Key System (MKS) Part 2, verse 9, that “…the vital processes of…physical life…are designedly withdrawn from the domain of our outward will…and placed under the direction of a permanent and dependable power within us.” That MUST be God because I sure have no control over it!

Talking about farming: I love the 2nd sentence in Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman in the World Scroll 1: “Today I am born anew and my birthplace is a vineyard where there is fruit for all.”

As I think of that massive vineyard and all the promises kept by the vineyard owner and staff, the soil, the seeds, the sun and rain, the insects, and the vines, that image connects me to MKS Part 2 verse 3: “The subconscious soul, like a benevolent stranger, works and makes provision for our benefit, pouring only the mature fruit in our lap…”

Reading Scroll 1 3x daily is helping me become a slave to good habits. That intention is reinforced when I read in MKS Part 2 verse 23 that “…the subconscious mind is the seat of Habit. That which we do over and over becomes mechanical; it is no longer an act of [conscious] judgment, but has worn its deep grooves into the subconscious mind.” I imagine those deep grooves are like the furrows made when the vineyard was first a vision in its owner’s mind and the fields were being prepared to accept the seeds, which are the promises of the vines, grapes, and wine to come.

A vineyard owner must follow many steps to grow an abundant harvest of grapes. This week, I’ve seen myself as the owner of the vineyard that’s the birthplace of my future self. Everything the MKMMA course has asked us students to do is making more sense to me every day. I’m very grateful that I’ve learned, as MKS Part 2 verse 20 states, “…by plainly stating to the subconscious mind certain specific things to be accomplished, forces are set in operation that lead to the result desired. Here, then, is a source of power which places us in touch with Omnipotence.”

I have no doubt that my subby always keeps all promises. It has no choice because that’s its nature. And this week, I understand that I have the power to tell subby in great detail (my DMP) exactly what promises I want kept. Feels like I’ve already plucked some “grapes of wisdom… and [have swallowed] the seed of success buried in each and new life [is sprouting] within me.”


5 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 2: I Always Keep My Promises

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  2. AWESOME visual Biz…living close to vineyards and of course seeing wine in the market will never be the same. Mark elated in this week’s video that as we continue with our colors we will begin to think new things when we see them. I will now think of my subby and where my DMP is taking it each time I see these visuals…thank you.


    1. Thank you, Cyndy, for your kind words. I’m honored that my vineyards…promises post supports your earnest desire to live your DMP/Dharma with the miraculous help of your subby. Glad we’re journeying together!


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