MKMMA Week 3: Will and Willingness

I’m very grateful for the growth I experienced this week after I completed one assignment, to cross out all the WILLs in Greatest Salesman Scroll 1. It’s SO much easier to form a clear mental image when reading a description of events and feelings that are happening NOW instead of happening some day  in the FUTURE! I now know why the word WILL has no place in my DMP.

Focusing on the word WILL this week made me think A LOT about the words
WILL (a strong desire or determination to do something; a person’s choice or desire in a particular situation)
WILLINGNESS (the quality or state of being disposed, inclined or prepared to do something; readiness).

All of what’s below is how my ponderings went (as guided by this week’s readings):

I was raised in a religion that taught that God gave us “free WILL” — the ability to choose, in every second, to love/do “the right thing” or not.

In the Master Key System Part 2, Haanel says the conscious mind is the seat of our WILL.

MKS Part 3 Sentence 2, he says “…the subconscious mind is intelligent and…creative, and responsive to the WILL of the conscious mind.” This means Subby is WILLINGNESS.

MKS Introduction Paragraph 4 says “…the mind-forces [the subconscious mind] are ever ready to lend themselves to a purposeful WILL, in the effort to crystallize thought and desire into actions, events and conditions.”

MKS Part 3 Sentence 3 says the vagus nerve forms “a connecting link between the two and [makes] man physically a ‘single entity’.”

Wait! That means I am WILL and WILLINGNESS?!?

I used to believe (because my religion taught) that the Divine part of me was WILL (as in “the Will of God”) and as “a child of God,” my “job” was to always show WILLINGNESS to listen and hear God’s Will (or Plan) for me and then be WILLING to act accordingly.

So…until this week, I’ve lived believing that my conscious mind is WILLINGNESS. I had NO IDEA that all this time, my subconscious mind is in fact WILLINGNESS! No wonder my Subby hasn’t motivated me to manifest my wildest dreams!! It’s because we’ve been trying to communicate like in the image below, where both people are listening for the other person to speak!!!


Eureka! I found 2 most-amazing Truths:
1. WILL and WILLINGNESS do reside in me, as my early religious training taught. But…
2. I’m not only ALLOWED TO do the talking, I’m SUPPOSED TO do the talking because I am Will and Subby is Willingness !

Let the manifesting begin!


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