MKMMA Week 7: Hide and Seek

Yesterday afternoon, my daughter and son-in-law and their 4 kids (Peter age 8, Michael 6.5, Clare 5, and Katharine 2.5; photo below is them in their Halloween costumes last week) came to visit me and my husband, at our house, for dinner and fun before and after dinner.


While I was in the kitchen, getting ready to serve up dinner, Clare (the lion in the photo above) pointed to a magnet on my refrigerator. She reminded me that the last time they visited, I had two of those magnets; she had asked if she could have one, and I gave it to her. She told me she had lost it somewhere in their house. She asked if she could have the other one. I took the magnet off the fridge, gave it to her, and said “This magnet is special to me. It’s from Philadelphia, the big city near where I was born. When I look at it, it reminds me of all the good things I remember about when I was growing up.” She thanked me and said she would take good care of it.

As they were getting ready to leave about 3 hours later, Clare told me she couldn’t find the magnet. She looked sad to be missing it and also scared that I would be mad at her. I gave her a hug and calmly (Law of Relaxation-style) said, “It’s OK. The magnet is somewhere in this house. I’ll look for it and if I find it, I’ll give it to you when I come to your house this Thursday.” She looked quite relieved and hopeful.

While my husband and I cleaned up the dining room and kitchen, I looked for the magnet, but didn’t find it. I didn’t have any negative thoughts about it. I simply trusted that it would show up.

Around dinnertime tonight (right after today’s awesome Week 7 webinar ended and Masterminding began), I texted my daughter and asked her to call me so I could ask Clare some questions about the magnet.

When they called 20 minutes later, I told Clare I was playing detective and needed her to give me some clues to help me find the magnet. I asked her where she last remembered seeing it. She said she had it near her plate while we were eating in the dining room, and after she finished her dinner, she gave the magnet to her dad to hold so she could play with our dog, Tracey. I asked Clare to ask her dad where he last remembered seeing the magnet. She checked with him, and he said he had put it on the blue folding table we had used to extend our dining room table. (Right after they left, my husband folded up that table, and this afternoon, I put the table away where we store it in our basement.)

I asked Clare to hold on while I used those clues to look for the magnet. As I walked to the area in the dining room where the folding table had been, I looked down at the carpet. The magnet wasn’t there. Then I felt my Subby directing my gaze to the left of where the folding table had been; specifically, to the air vent cover that’s in the floor/carpet.

Then I thought, “Could the magnet have fallen through that air vent?!?” I clearly remember having no negative thought or feeling about that possibility. I simply proceeded to lift the air vent cover off, and…EUREKA!

“Clare, I found the magnet!” I joyously told her. “It was playing hide and seek with us! Thanks for those great clues. You and your dad helped me find it. I’ll give it to you Thursday. Bye. I love you!”

It’s EXACTLY as Haanel says in the last sentence of the introduction to The Master Key System Part 6:

Thought is a product of Mind and Mind is creative….
[W]e can come into harmonious relationship with
the Universal, and when we have accomplished this
we may ask anything to which we are entitled,
and the way will be made plain.

In this instance, the way couldn’t have been made any plainer. I didn’t have to leave my house, and I simply had to follow my nose!

As I held the iridescent rainbowy magnet in my hand, all the good things I remember about when I grew up seemed extra-good and extra-warm+fuzzy. I’m pretty sure that’s because during today’s webinar, when Mark helped us all use The Law of Forgiveness, I forgave my parents, my teachers, the church/religion I was raised in, and all toward whom I consciously and unconsciously held any resentment. Two hours later, BAM!: I found/manifested the missing magnet.

It’s no coincidence that it was a magnet. As Haanel tells us in MKS 6:2:

…this Mind is not only all intelligence but all substance.

And “all substance” includes magnets…and hearts!




5 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 7: Hide and Seek

  1. I love this story! It illustrates perfectly how staying calm and not “REACTIONARY” in a situation allows you to see clearly and for the universe to provide the answer you are looking for.I hear of stories like this in Sunday school where prayer is the catalyst for finding a lost valuable. It is the act of calming the mind and allowing the answer to enter the heart that is the common thread. Thank you God, thank you universe. Cool story.


    1. “…allowing the answer to enter the heart that is the common thread.” Linda, you describe so well what actually happened because in the minute or two between when my granddaughter gave me the two clues, I specifically remember not having any THOUGHTS; I simply had the FEELING that my heart was being drawn to where the magnet was. And when I removed the air vent cover and saw the magnet, the FEELING changed to Oneness with the magnet, like it was a piece of me that had been rediscovered. As I write this, another AHA arrived: Yes, the part of my heart that returned to me was the part that was not available to me until I forgave everyone and released all resentment. So, thank YOU for that extra AHA!


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