MKMMA Week 12: Acceptance and The Law of Subconscious Activity

During Week 12, as I reviewed The 7 Laws of Mind, I felt the need to understand The Law of Subconscious Activity better. Most web references describe this Law as follows (with emphasis added):

As soon as the subconscious mind accepts any idea,
it immediately begins trying to put it into effect.
It uses all its resources (and these are far greater
than is commonly supposed) to that end….

This law is true for both good and bad ideas….

From this it follows that the only thing we have to do
is to get the subconscious to accept the idea
that we want reproduced, and the laws of nature
will do the rest…

The MKMMA Experience definitely includes MANY ways that I hope will influence Subby to accept the ideas / ideals I describe in my DMP. But I remembered what Mark J said in a video that prompted me to apply for an MKMMA scholarship, “Hope is not a strategy.” So, in a sit last week, I asked  for deeper understanding of Master Key System 12-4, which states

There are three steps, and each one is absolutely essential.
You must first have the knowledge of your power;
second, the courage to dare;
third, the faith to do.

In only 12 weeks of the MKMMA Experience, I definitely have the knowledge of my power, which is, as Haanel describes in MKS 12-2, the power “to think [which] is infinite, consequently [my] creative power is unlimited.” So Step 1 is done, and that’s something for which I will be forever grateful.

As soon as I realized I had completed Step 1, I took Step 2 because I felt the courage to dare to ask Subby “What do you need me to do to get you to accept the ideas / ideals in my DMP?” Subby immediately answered:

Believe that you deserve to experience all that Joy.

Subby’s answer totally clarified Step 3 for me. As a physical being, I had assumed that in Step 3 — “the faith to do” — the word “do” means to perform the physical activities I describe in my DMP. My knowledge of the unlimited creative power of my thoughts combined with Subby’s answer helps me now understand that Step 3’s “do” is to perform mental activities; e.g., imagining and visualizing myself experiencing the Joy of manifesting my PPNs, fulfilling my DMP, and living the life I describe for my future self. And as Subby observes me in that reality, Subby uses the laws of nature to DO the rest.

Subby’s use of the word “deserve” motivated me look up its definition and origin. From Late Latin, deserve means “be entitled to because of good service.” Yep, my DMP  is all about how I serve others. (One-sentence version: I am thrilled and honored that by August 15, 2017, I help at least 500 people discover their Life Theme and Authentic Identity, which enables them to find their bliss and earns me at least $75,000.)

I found an image of my deliriously joyful future self walking back to my present self, so we can take the journey together.

Notice that in the image, the words energy and faith are “coincidentally” positioned where Haanel describes (in MKS 3-2) the location of our Solar Plexus. I take this to mean that faith is not a mental activity; it is energy that radiates from my Solar Plexus. This image confirms what Haanel wrote in MKS 3-4:

When the objective [conscious] mind has been satisfied that
the thought is true, it is sent to the Solar Plexus, or the brain of
the subjective mind, to be made into our flesh, to be brought
into the world as a reality. It is then no longer susceptible to
any argument whatever. The subconscious mind cannot
argue; it only acts [DOes]. It accepts the conclusions of
the objective mind as final.

Subby, if you’re looking for/at me, I’ll be up on the bridge, checking my compass, using my imagination (the creative power of my thoughts), and enthusiastically visualizing and enJOYing my future reality. I am eternally grateful for everything you DO to help us get there!



MKMMA Week 11: Shadows

For the past three weeks, I’ve noticed parts of my old blueprint overshadowing the seedlings of my new blueprint. The old blueprint and/or my ego has frequently convinced me that I don’t need to keep reading the same things every day because I “got” their message/wisdom after the first few reads. Something in my old blueprint has cast a shadow on the wisdom/value of doing all the MKMMA exercise habits I eagerly and successfully established in the first six weeks.

I know that sunshine is required to grow crops and create a harvest. I thought about what shadows (bad habits, erroneous beliefs) might be part of my old blueprint.

When I was in school, I was always quick learner, but it was all information, not concepts. And I never had ANY choice about WHAT I learned or WHEN or HOW I would prove that I learned it or how I would show that what I learned had helped me be a better person or how any new topic is related to other topics I had studied.

Because the MKMMA Experience is designed to

  • enable me to think for myself;
  • literally see that everything is connected;
  • take FULL responsibility for my life; and
  • choose and manifest EVERYTHING I desire,

it’s not surprising that my old blueprint is casting shadows because it’s my old passive way of learning and “being schooled” and includes no sense of personal responsibility and self-direction.

As I realized that my school days/daze memories/thoughts were the Cause, I started feeling angry and resentful. Those emotions and my faith in The Law of Substitution motivated me to use The Law of Forgiveness toward my parents, all my teachers, and school administrators for not helping me learn way back then (50 years ago!) what I’m learning now. I lovingly thanked and blessed them all for doing the best they could back then. Then I used The Law of Substitution to enthusiastically affirm that I take full responsibility for what and how I learn and grow and for how quickly and how much Joy, Kindness, Affluence, and Love I create and experience in my life!

As I looked for more shadow-casting parts of my old blueprint, I questioned whether I’m unconsciously discouraged about accomplishing my DMP due to my age (65). I look much younger, and mentally think of myself as about 28. I’ve always considered age just a number. Going forward, when my friends play their “I’m slowing down because of my age” card, I will use The Law of Dual Thought to feel extra-grateful for this MKMMA experience and how I’m using what I’m learning to imagine and walk into (one step at a time) a future in which the way I serve brings others and me Joy, Bliss, and Affluence.

This shadow+age-related train of thought led me to find the amazing image below, an excellent example of The Laws of Dual Thought and Substitution. The image was titled “Youth becoming a shadow.” I prefer to substitute this title: “Personal Joy from happy memories and pure positive imagination.”

If Haanel could have included colored images in The Master Key System 100 years ago, I think he would have used the image below.

In the physical world, a shadow is the Result of a Cause: the Sun shining on an object at a certain angle. So too in the metaphysical world, our Self (the way we show up in the world) is the Result/Shadow whose Cause is our blueprint, which may be all old thoughts and beliefs, a mix of old and new, or all new. Our choice.

What if in The Master Key System, Haanel gave us the elusive Fountain of Youth?!?


MKMMA Week 10: Persistence and Precipitation

Persistence has never been my strong suit. I’ve never tried developing the skill or quality of Persistence because I’ve equated it with Stubbornness, a quality that has a negative connotation. But because I haven’t understood the difference between Persistence and Stubbornness, and because I haven’t been goal-oriented, I’ve had mediocre results in most areas of my life. I’ve often wondered why, and have often felt guilty about squandering my time and talents.

Reading Scroll III of Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman in the World has helped me see the positive value of Persistence and why I must develop that skill/quality. The paradigm shift started for me when I read this paragraph in Scroll III:

Always will I take another step. If that is of no avail
I will take another, and yet another. In truth, one step
at a time is not too difficult.

The words “one step at a time” brought back a memory from when I lived in the Washington, DC area (1988-1995) and I took the metro to work. Occasionally, the up escalator wasn’t working, and everyone had to walk up what seemed like 100 steps. It wasn’t hard, but it also wasn’t easy. I learned it was easier (for me, at least), if I looked down and watch my feet taking each successive step up rather than to look up and notice how far away my short-term “goal” was. I just kept putting one foot in front of the other, and eventually I reached the “summit” and the outside world. It was a nice sense of accomplishment with which to start the day.

The new paradigm locked into place when I read the Lillian Whiting quote at the end of the Master Key System Part 10:

When any object or purpose is clearly held in thought,
its precipitation, in tangible and visible form, is merely
a question of time. The vision always precedes and itself
determines the realization.

This explained my consistent mediocre results, and gave me hope for more-satisfying and more-fulfilling results in the future.

I then thought about anyone I’ve seen exhibit the kind of Persistence I want to develop. I immediately thought of Annie Sullivan, the teacher who clearly held in her thoughts the purpose for teaching the manual alphabet to her young blind and deaf student Helen Keller. Annie did not know how long it would take for Helen to understand the connection between the physical objects Helen was touching and the letters Annie was forming in Helen’s hand. But yet Annie persisted. And when Helen’s paradigm shift happened, it was mammoth!

I then thought about the word “precipitation.” It can mean “water that falls to the ground (rain, snow, sleet)” or “to bring about or cause something to happen.” How interesting and “coincidental” that Annie Sullivan’s Persistence precipitated Helen Keller’s awakening, which precipitated the water/tears of joy and relief to stream from Annie’s eyes.

Interesting also that Helen Keller reached into her mother’s skirt pocket for the key to the many locked doors in her house, and gave the key to Annie, as an additional confirmation of the immense value Helen placed on this event in her life.

A clear understanding of words can unlock new worlds. I’m very grateful for persisting thus far with the MKMMA Experience, and can’t imagine finding a better way to spend my time developing Persistence.