MKMMA Week 12: Acceptance and The Law of Subconscious Activity

During Week 12, as I reviewed The 7 Laws of Mind, I felt the need to understand The Law of Subconscious Activity better. Most web references describe this Law as follows (with emphasis added):

As soon as the subconscious mind accepts any idea,
it immediately begins trying to put it into effect.
It uses all its resources (and these are far greater
than is commonly supposed) to that end….

This law is true for both good and bad ideas….

From this it follows that the only thing we have to do
is to get the subconscious to accept the idea
that we want reproduced, and the laws of nature
will do the rest…

The MKMMA Experience definitely includes MANY ways that I hope will influence Subby to accept the ideas / ideals I describe in my DMP. But I remembered what Mark J said in a video that prompted me to apply for an MKMMA scholarship, “Hope is not a strategy.” So, in a sit last week, I asked  for deeper understanding of Master Key System 12-4, which states

There are three steps, and each one is absolutely essential.
You must first have the knowledge of your power;
second, the courage to dare;
third, the faith to do.

In only 12 weeks of the MKMMA Experience, I definitely have the knowledge of my power, which is, as Haanel describes in MKS 12-2, the power “to think [which] is infinite, consequently [my] creative power is unlimited.” So Step 1 is done, and that’s something for which I will be forever grateful.

As soon as I realized I had completed Step 1, I took Step 2 because I felt the courage to dare to ask Subby “What do you need me to do to get you to accept the ideas / ideals in my DMP?” Subby immediately answered:

Believe that you deserve to experience all that Joy.

Subby’s answer totally clarified Step 3 for me. As a physical being, I had assumed that in Step 3 — “the faith to do” — the word “do” means to perform the physical activities I describe in my DMP. My knowledge of the unlimited creative power of my thoughts combined with Subby’s answer helps me now understand that Step 3’s “do” is to perform mental activities; e.g., imagining and visualizing myself experiencing the Joy of manifesting my PPNs, fulfilling my DMP, and living the life I describe for my future self. And as Subby observes me in that reality, Subby uses the laws of nature to DO the rest.

Subby’s use of the word “deserve” motivated me look up its definition and origin. From Late Latin, deserve means “be entitled to because of good service.” Yep, my DMP  is all about how I serve others. (One-sentence version: I am thrilled and honored that by August 15, 2017, I help at least 500 people discover their Life Theme and Authentic Identity, which enables them to find their bliss and earns me at least $75,000.)

I found an image of my deliriously joyful future self walking back to my present self, so we can take the journey together.

Notice that in the image, the words energy and faith are “coincidentally” positioned where Haanel describes (in MKS 3-2) the location of our Solar Plexus. I take this to mean that faith is not a mental activity; it is energy that radiates from my Solar Plexus. This image confirms what Haanel wrote in MKS 3-4:

When the objective [conscious] mind has been satisfied that
the thought is true, it is sent to the Solar Plexus, or the brain of
the subjective mind, to be made into our flesh, to be brought
into the world as a reality. It is then no longer susceptible to
any argument whatever. The subconscious mind cannot
argue; it only acts [DOes]. It accepts the conclusions of
the objective mind as final.

Subby, if you’re looking for/at me, I’ll be up on the bridge, checking my compass, using my imagination (the creative power of my thoughts), and enthusiastically visualizing and enJOYing my future reality. I am eternally grateful for everything you DO to help us get there!



8 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 12: Acceptance and The Law of Subconscious Activity

  1. Love the tie back to MKS 3:4 where the subconscious makes the thought reality and yes…through the solar plexus! No argument from the subby that the thought we plant and water and nurture is indeed true and will make itself manifest. Well said and thank you for the beautiful insight today.

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  2. eu·re·ka
    a cry of joy or satisfaction when one finds or discovers something.

    Eureka! Don’t you just love when the puzzle pieces fit together and the picture becomes clearer. Love your post – love seeing how you put it all together and helping us all see the JOY in it.


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