MKMMA Week 8: Gotta Want It

(I love the 8 in the Key Guy image that was at the top of the Week 8 webinar survey!)

I must confess that I started Week 8 without having completed three Honor Assignments (the Movie Poster, the colored shapes around my house, and adding another to-do on my DMP Written Plan of Action). I also hadn’t yet made my music-backed audio recording of me reading my DMP because I was not “feeling it” when I would read my DMP two or three times a day. All of that bewildered me because for the 3 previous weeks, my DMP had felt perfectamundo.

By Wednesday morning, I was actually resisting reading my DMP, so I knew something was seriously different. It felt like I was continuing to drive my car  WELL BEYOND the time when the Service indicator warning light had lit up on the dashboard.

Then Serendipity (aka my Subby) led me to the video below, the awesome song “You Gotta Want It” sung by Roberta Gold. By the end of the song, I had discovered the source of my resistance!

One line in the lyrics jumped out at me:

Faith is the fire in my soul

I realized that I did not have FAITH in one of the linchpins of my DMP. Manifesting my PPNs requires me taking certain actions as a distributor of a 3-year-old cloud-based company. (I’ve been with the company for 10 months.) The company’s founder’s heart is definitely in the right place (I wouldn’t have stayed loyal if it weren’t), and its patent-pending service for consumers could revolutionize its industry and become a household word. The company allows nonprofits to register and use the company’s technology at no cost, to offer the company’s service to their supporters, as a perpetual fundraiser. In my DMP, I describe my plan to introduce this to many nonprofits and to serve as their Fundraising Coordinator. I am confident that I can and will take those actions, so confident that last week, I completed one of the things that has been on my Written Plan of Action card for 2 weeks: To write the 18-page Fundraising Coordinator training manual. The company founder asked me to write it in early October. But from October 7 to November 1, the company went through a serious and inexcusable operational crisis. Since July, I’ve had inklings that there may be problems, but now I have serious doubts about the future of the company because I know that the founder has no partners; he has overworked himself to the point of exhaustion and physical injury to his eyesight; and the company does not have the financial resources to accomplish the growth required to meet my DMP’s timetable.

To test whether my lack of Faith in the company was why the Fire in my Soul had gone out, I imagined that the company’s finances and the owner were over-the-top healthy, and that the company was harmoniously managed by several experienced and devoted individuals who share the same high-ideals vision and commitment to the ultra-long-term success of the company, its distributors, and its customers. Imagining all that made everything else about my DMP feel perfectamundo and I could feel the FIRE again.

I then realized that my commitment to my DMP requires me to align myself with a different company, one exactly like I had imagined, a company that is like that NOW.

For the next two days, whenever a negative thought about this unexpected turn of events started to form, my MKMMA Experience thus far enabled me to know that such thoughts were being offered by my old blueprint, to whom I politely said “Thanks for sharing, but I’ll pass because I’m on a mental diet!” The rekindled Fire in my Soul had renewed my Faith that I would find the perfect company if I would continue seeking it.

This morning, when Subby woke me up an hour earlier than usual, I felt compelled to search the Internet for the phrase ‘no-cost perpetual fundraiser.’ As I clicked on links from the results list and also from results list pages I visited, I felt like I was playing the Hot & Cold game I used to love playing as a child. (Someone [the Seeker] hides their eyes while someone else hides a small object somewhere in the room. Then the Seeker moves around the room, trying to find the object. At each step and turn, the person who hid the object gives the Seeker clues simply by saying Cold, Warm, or Hot, to indicate whether the Seeker is moving farther away or closer to the hidden object.) As I searched the ‘net and considered possible companies, I could almost literally instantly feel the Fire in my Soul (Solar Plexus?) die down or spark up as I read about what they offer and why.

Within two hours of starting my research, I arrived at a set of pages that made me feel  like a wildfire was burning inside of me! I gasped when I “stumbled upon” the company’s training video for how their distributors can help nonprofits offer the company’s service to their supporters at no cost. And I burst into tears and giggles when a slide halfway through the video included the image below, which I had also included in the training manual I finished writing on Tuesday!

Another Eureka moment…Oh, this was a BIGGIE!

Haanel certainly was right in MKS 8-6:

…the cultivation of the imagination leads to the development of
the ideal out of which your future will emerge.

It feels SOOOOOO fantastic to know that my DMP simply needs a company name change. And now I can think of LOTS of things to add to my DMP Written Plan of Action!

P.S.  8 has always been my favorite number.


4 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 8: Gotta Want It

  1. What a wonderful journey of discovery and realignment Biz! This is it! I am so excited you recognized this and then more importantly allowed the fire to guide you to your new company. Well done you for digging in! Sending an abundance of blessings to you. Can’t wait to see how how the next weeks unfold for you. BTW – 8 is my absolute lucky number as well!!!


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