MKMMA Week 12: Acceptance and The Law of Subconscious Activity

During Week 12, as I reviewed The 7 Laws of Mind, I felt the need to understand The Law of Subconscious Activity better. Most web references describe this Law as follows (with emphasis added):

As soon as the subconscious mind accepts any idea,
it immediately begins trying to put it into effect.
It uses all its resources (and these are far greater
than is commonly supposed) to that end….

This law is true for both good and bad ideas….

From this it follows that the only thing we have to do
is to get the subconscious to accept the idea
that we want reproduced, and the laws of nature
will do the rest…

The MKMMA Experience definitely includes MANY ways that I hope will influence Subby to accept the ideas / ideals I describe in my DMP. But I remembered what Mark J said in a video that prompted me to apply for an MKMMA scholarship, “Hope is not a strategy.” So, in a sit last week, I asked  for deeper understanding of Master Key System 12-4, which states

There are three steps, and each one is absolutely essential.
You must first have the knowledge of your power;
second, the courage to dare;
third, the faith to do.

In only 12 weeks of the MKMMA Experience, I definitely have the knowledge of my power, which is, as Haanel describes in MKS 12-2, the power “to think [which] is infinite, consequently [my] creative power is unlimited.” So Step 1 is done, and that’s something for which I will be forever grateful.

As soon as I realized I had completed Step 1, I took Step 2 because I felt the courage to dare to ask Subby “What do you need me to do to get you to accept the ideas / ideals in my DMP?” Subby immediately answered:

Believe that you deserve to experience all that Joy.

Subby’s answer totally clarified Step 3 for me. As a physical being, I had assumed that in Step 3 — “the faith to do” — the word “do” means to perform the physical activities I describe in my DMP. My knowledge of the unlimited creative power of my thoughts combined with Subby’s answer helps me now understand that Step 3’s “do” is to perform mental activities; e.g., imagining and visualizing myself experiencing the Joy of manifesting my PPNs, fulfilling my DMP, and living the life I describe for my future self. And as Subby observes me in that reality, Subby uses the laws of nature to DO the rest.

Subby’s use of the word “deserve” motivated me look up its definition and origin. From Late Latin, deserve means “be entitled to because of good service.” Yep, my DMP  is all about how I serve others. (One-sentence version: I am thrilled and honored that by August 15, 2017, I help at least 500 people discover their Life Theme and Authentic Identity, which enables them to find their bliss and earns me at least $75,000.)

I found an image of my deliriously joyful future self walking back to my present self, so we can take the journey together.

Notice that in the image, the words energy and faith are “coincidentally” positioned where Haanel describes (in MKS 3-2) the location of our Solar Plexus. I take this to mean that faith is not a mental activity; it is energy that radiates from my Solar Plexus. This image confirms what Haanel wrote in MKS 3-4:

When the objective [conscious] mind has been satisfied that
the thought is true, it is sent to the Solar Plexus, or the brain of
the subjective mind, to be made into our flesh, to be brought
into the world as a reality. It is then no longer susceptible to
any argument whatever. The subconscious mind cannot
argue; it only acts [DOes]. It accepts the conclusions of
the objective mind as final.

Subby, if you’re looking for/at me, I’ll be up on the bridge, checking my compass, using my imagination (the creative power of my thoughts), and enthusiastically visualizing and enJOYing my future reality. I am eternally grateful for everything you DO to help us get there!


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MKMMA Week 11: Shadows

For the past three weeks, I’ve noticed parts of my old blueprint overshadowing the seedlings of my new blueprint. The old blueprint and/or my ego has frequently convinced me that I don’t need to keep reading the same things every day because I “got” their message/wisdom after the first few reads. Something in my old blueprint has cast a shadow on the wisdom/value of doing all the MKMMA exercise habits I eagerly and successfully established in the first six weeks.

I know that sunshine is required to grow crops and create a harvest. I thought about what shadows (bad habits, erroneous beliefs) might be part of my old blueprint.

When I was in school, I was always quick learner, but it was all information, not concepts. And I never had ANY choice about WHAT I learned or WHEN or HOW I would prove that I learned it or how I would show that what I learned had helped me be a better person or how any new topic is related to other topics I had studied.

Because the MKMMA Experience is designed to

  • enable me to think for myself;
  • literally see that everything is connected;
  • take FULL responsibility for my life; and
  • choose and manifest EVERYTHING I desire,

it’s not surprising that my old blueprint is casting shadows because it’s my old passive way of learning and “being schooled” and includes no sense of personal responsibility and self-direction.

As I realized that my school days/daze memories/thoughts were the Cause, I started feeling angry and resentful. Those emotions and my faith in The Law of Substitution motivated me to use The Law of Forgiveness toward my parents, all my teachers, and school administrators for not helping me learn way back then (50 years ago!) what I’m learning now. I lovingly thanked and blessed them all for doing the best they could back then. Then I used The Law of Substitution to enthusiastically affirm that I take full responsibility for what and how I learn and grow and for how quickly and how much Joy, Kindness, Affluence, and Love I create and experience in my life!

As I looked for more shadow-casting parts of my old blueprint, I questioned whether I’m unconsciously discouraged about accomplishing my DMP due to my age (65). I look much younger, and mentally think of myself as about 28. I’ve always considered age just a number. Going forward, when my friends play their “I’m slowing down because of my age” card, I will use The Law of Dual Thought to feel extra-grateful for this MKMMA experience and how I’m using what I’m learning to imagine and walk into (one step at a time) a future in which the way I serve brings others and me Joy, Bliss, and Affluence.

This shadow+age-related train of thought led me to find the amazing image below, an excellent example of The Laws of Dual Thought and Substitution. The image was titled “Youth becoming a shadow.” I prefer to substitute this title: “Personal Joy from happy memories and pure positive imagination.”

If Haanel could have included colored images in The Master Key System 100 years ago, I think he would have used the image below.

In the physical world, a shadow is the Result of a Cause: the Sun shining on an object at a certain angle. So too in the metaphysical world, our Self (the way we show up in the world) is the Result/Shadow whose Cause is our blueprint, which may be all old thoughts and beliefs, a mix of old and new, or all new. Our choice.

What if in The Master Key System, Haanel gave us the elusive Fountain of Youth?!?


MKMMA Week 10: Persistence and Precipitation

Persistence has never been my strong suit. I’ve never tried developing the skill or quality of Persistence because I’ve equated it with Stubbornness, a quality that has a negative connotation. But because I haven’t understood the difference between Persistence and Stubbornness, and because I haven’t been goal-oriented, I’ve had mediocre results in most areas of my life. I’ve often wondered why, and have often felt guilty about squandering my time and talents.

Reading Scroll III of Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman in the World has helped me see the positive value of Persistence and why I must develop that skill/quality. The paradigm shift started for me when I read this paragraph in Scroll III:

Always will I take another step. If that is of no avail
I will take another, and yet another. In truth, one step
at a time is not too difficult.

The words “one step at a time” brought back a memory from when I lived in the Washington, DC area (1988-1995) and I took the metro to work. Occasionally, the up escalator wasn’t working, and everyone had to walk up what seemed like 100 steps. It wasn’t hard, but it also wasn’t easy. I learned it was easier (for me, at least), if I looked down and watch my feet taking each successive step up rather than to look up and notice how far away my short-term “goal” was. I just kept putting one foot in front of the other, and eventually I reached the “summit” and the outside world. It was a nice sense of accomplishment with which to start the day.

The new paradigm locked into place when I read the Lillian Whiting quote at the end of the Master Key System Part 10:

When any object or purpose is clearly held in thought,
its precipitation, in tangible and visible form, is merely
a question of time. The vision always precedes and itself
determines the realization.

This explained my consistent mediocre results, and gave me hope for more-satisfying and more-fulfilling results in the future.

I then thought about anyone I’ve seen exhibit the kind of Persistence I want to develop. I immediately thought of Annie Sullivan, the teacher who clearly held in her thoughts the purpose for teaching the manual alphabet to her young blind and deaf student Helen Keller. Annie did not know how long it would take for Helen to understand the connection between the physical objects Helen was touching and the letters Annie was forming in Helen’s hand. But yet Annie persisted. And when Helen’s paradigm shift happened, it was mammoth!

I then thought about the word “precipitation.” It can mean “water that falls to the ground (rain, snow, sleet)” or “to bring about or cause something to happen.” How interesting and “coincidental” that Annie Sullivan’s Persistence precipitated Helen Keller’s awakening, which precipitated the water/tears of joy and relief to stream from Annie’s eyes.

Interesting also that Helen Keller reached into her mother’s skirt pocket for the key to the many locked doors in her house, and gave the key to Annie, as an additional confirmation of the immense value Helen placed on this event in her life.

A clear understanding of words can unlock new worlds. I’m very grateful for persisting thus far with the MKMMA Experience, and can’t imagine finding a better way to spend my time developing Persistence.

MKMMA Week 9: Free Will/Freedom and Pure Imagination

8 hours after publishing my previous post about my Week 8 of the MKMMA Experience, I was taking a shower, and the idea for a new game “came to mind.” (I’m going to ask my “clan” to play it after we all enjoy Thanksgiving dinner together this Thursday.) Then, less than 30 minutes later, while I was watching a CBS Dream Team show called “Game Changers,” my eyes caught the quote at the beginning of a Fiat commercial:

Mind, use your power.
Spirit, use your wings.
~ Pharrell Williams

I searched for that quote and found the music video below. But first, the lyrics, which are quite powerful.

La la la la la la la la la [x4]

Hold on to me
Don’t let me go
Who cares what they see?
Who cares what they know?

Your first name is Free
Last name is Dom
‘Cause you still believe
In where we are from

Man’s red flower
It’s in every living thing
Mind, use your power
Spirit, use your wings

Freedom! [x3]
Freedom [x3]

Hold on to me
Ooh don’t let me go
The cheetahs need to eat
Run antelope

Your first name is King
Last name is Dom
‘Cause you still believe
In everyone

When a baby first breathes
When night sees sunrise
When the whale hops the sea
When man recognizes

Freedom! [x3]
Freedom [x2]
Breathe in

We are from heat
The Electric one
Does it shock you to see,
He left us the sun?

The atoms in the air
Organisms in the sea
The Sun, and yes, man
Are made of the same things

Freedom! [x3]
Freedom [x5]

All this reMINDs me about MKS 8-6:

…the cultivation of the imagination leads to the development of
the ideal out of which your future will emerge.

And MKS 9-15:

…Visualization is a product of the imagination, and is therefore
a product of the subjective mind, the “world within.”
It therefore possesses vitality; it will grow.
The thing visualized will manifest itself in form.

And Subby just kept bringing it!  This morning, while Subby and I were surfing the ‘net in preparation to write this post, we found a spectacular and ultra-inspired video in which Josh Groban sings “Pure Imagination” (written by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley for the 1971 movie Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory). But first, read the lyrics, so they’ll be “in mind” while you treat yourself to the eye+ear candy video below.

Come with me and you’ll be
In a world of pure imagination
Take a look and you’ll see
Into your imagination

We’ll begin with a spin
Traveling in the world
Of my creation
What we’ll see
Will defy explanation

If you want to view paradise
Simply look around and view it
Anything you want to, do it
Want to change the world?
There’s nothing to it

There is no life I know
To compare with
Pure imagination
Living there, you’ll be free
If you truly wish to be

If you want to see magic lands
Close your eyes and you will see one
Wanna be a dreamer? Be one
Any time you please,
And please save me one

Come with me and you’ll be
In a world of pure imagination
Take a look and you’ll see
Into your imagination

There is no place to go
To compare with
Your imagination
So go there to be free
If you truly wish to be

Living there you’ll be free
If you truly wish to be

 Wishing you a pure imagination day!

MKMMA Week 8: Gotta Want It

(I love the 8 in the Key Guy image that was at the top of the Week 8 webinar survey!)

I must confess that I started Week 8 without having completed three Honor Assignments (the Movie Poster, the colored shapes around my house, and adding another to-do on my DMP Written Plan of Action). I also hadn’t yet made my music-backed audio recording of me reading my DMP because I was not “feeling it” when I would read my DMP two or three times a day. All of that bewildered me because for the 3 previous weeks, my DMP had felt perfectamundo.

By Wednesday morning, I was actually resisting reading my DMP, so I knew something was seriously different. It felt like I was continuing to drive my car  WELL BEYOND the time when the Service indicator warning light had lit up on the dashboard.

Then Serendipity (aka my Subby) led me to the video below, the awesome song “You Gotta Want It” sung by Roberta Gold. By the end of the song, I had discovered the source of my resistance!

One line in the lyrics jumped out at me:

Faith is the fire in my soul

I realized that I did not have FAITH in one of the linchpins of my DMP. Manifesting my PPNs requires me taking certain actions as a distributor of a 3-year-old cloud-based company. (I’ve been with the company for 10 months.) The company’s founder’s heart is definitely in the right place (I wouldn’t have stayed loyal if it weren’t), and its patent-pending service for consumers could revolutionize its industry and become a household word. The company allows nonprofits to register and use the company’s technology at no cost, to offer the company’s service to their supporters, as a perpetual fundraiser. In my DMP, I describe my plan to introduce this to many nonprofits and to serve as their Fundraising Coordinator. I am confident that I can and will take those actions, so confident that last week, I completed one of the things that has been on my Written Plan of Action card for 2 weeks: To write the 18-page Fundraising Coordinator training manual. The company founder asked me to write it in early October. But from October 7 to November 1, the company went through a serious and inexcusable operational crisis. Since July, I’ve had inklings that there may be problems, but now I have serious doubts about the future of the company because I know that the founder has no partners; he has overworked himself to the point of exhaustion and physical injury to his eyesight; and the company does not have the financial resources to accomplish the growth required to meet my DMP’s timetable.

To test whether my lack of Faith in the company was why the Fire in my Soul had gone out, I imagined that the company’s finances and the owner were over-the-top healthy, and that the company was harmoniously managed by several experienced and devoted individuals who share the same high-ideals vision and commitment to the ultra-long-term success of the company, its distributors, and its customers. Imagining all that made everything else about my DMP feel perfectamundo and I could feel the FIRE again.

I then realized that my commitment to my DMP requires me to align myself with a different company, one exactly like I had imagined, a company that is like that NOW.

For the next two days, whenever a negative thought about this unexpected turn of events started to form, my MKMMA Experience thus far enabled me to know that such thoughts were being offered by my old blueprint, to whom I politely said “Thanks for sharing, but I’ll pass because I’m on a mental diet!” The rekindled Fire in my Soul had renewed my Faith that I would find the perfect company if I would continue seeking it.

This morning, when Subby woke me up an hour earlier than usual, I felt compelled to search the Internet for the phrase ‘no-cost perpetual fundraiser.’ As I clicked on links from the results list and also from results list pages I visited, I felt like I was playing the Hot & Cold game I used to love playing as a child. (Someone [the Seeker] hides their eyes while someone else hides a small object somewhere in the room. Then the Seeker moves around the room, trying to find the object. At each step and turn, the person who hid the object gives the Seeker clues simply by saying Cold, Warm, or Hot, to indicate whether the Seeker is moving farther away or closer to the hidden object.) As I searched the ‘net and considered possible companies, I could almost literally instantly feel the Fire in my Soul (Solar Plexus?) die down or spark up as I read about what they offer and why.

Within two hours of starting my research, I arrived at a set of pages that made me feel  like a wildfire was burning inside of me! I gasped when I “stumbled upon” the company’s training video for how their distributors can help nonprofits offer the company’s service to their supporters at no cost. And I burst into tears and giggles when a slide halfway through the video included the image below, which I had also included in the training manual I finished writing on Tuesday!

Another Eureka moment…Oh, this was a BIGGIE!

Haanel certainly was right in MKS 8-6:

…the cultivation of the imagination leads to the development of
the ideal out of which your future will emerge.

It feels SOOOOOO fantastic to know that my DMP simply needs a company name change. And now I can think of LOTS of things to add to my DMP Written Plan of Action!

P.S.  8 has always been my favorite number.

MKMMA Week 7: Hide and Seek

Yesterday afternoon, my daughter and son-in-law and their 4 kids (Peter age 8, Michael 6.5, Clare 5, and Katharine 2.5; photo below is them in their Halloween costumes last week) came to visit me and my husband, at our house, for dinner and fun before and after dinner.


While I was in the kitchen, getting ready to serve up dinner, Clare (the lion in the photo above) pointed to a magnet on my refrigerator. She reminded me that the last time they visited, I had two of those magnets; she had asked if she could have one, and I gave it to her. She told me she had lost it somewhere in their house. She asked if she could have the other one. I took the magnet off the fridge, gave it to her, and said “This magnet is special to me. It’s from Philadelphia, the big city near where I was born. When I look at it, it reminds me of all the good things I remember about when I was growing up.” She thanked me and said she would take good care of it.

As they were getting ready to leave about 3 hours later, Clare told me she couldn’t find the magnet. She looked sad to be missing it and also scared that I would be mad at her. I gave her a hug and calmly (Law of Relaxation-style) said, “It’s OK. The magnet is somewhere in this house. I’ll look for it and if I find it, I’ll give it to you when I come to your house this Thursday.” She looked quite relieved and hopeful.

While my husband and I cleaned up the dining room and kitchen, I looked for the magnet, but didn’t find it. I didn’t have any negative thoughts about it. I simply trusted that it would show up.

Around dinnertime tonight (right after today’s awesome Week 7 webinar ended and Masterminding began), I texted my daughter and asked her to call me so I could ask Clare some questions about the magnet.

When they called 20 minutes later, I told Clare I was playing detective and needed her to give me some clues to help me find the magnet. I asked her where she last remembered seeing it. She said she had it near her plate while we were eating in the dining room, and after she finished her dinner, she gave the magnet to her dad to hold so she could play with our dog, Tracey. I asked Clare to ask her dad where he last remembered seeing the magnet. She checked with him, and he said he had put it on the blue folding table we had used to extend our dining room table. (Right after they left, my husband folded up that table, and this afternoon, I put the table away where we store it in our basement.)

I asked Clare to hold on while I used those clues to look for the magnet. As I walked to the area in the dining room where the folding table had been, I looked down at the carpet. The magnet wasn’t there. Then I felt my Subby directing my gaze to the left of where the folding table had been; specifically, to the air vent cover that’s in the floor/carpet.

Then I thought, “Could the magnet have fallen through that air vent?!?” I clearly remember having no negative thought or feeling about that possibility. I simply proceeded to lift the air vent cover off, and…EUREKA!

“Clare, I found the magnet!” I joyously told her. “It was playing hide and seek with us! Thanks for those great clues. You and your dad helped me find it. I’ll give it to you Thursday. Bye. I love you!”

It’s EXACTLY as Haanel says in the last sentence of the introduction to The Master Key System Part 6:

Thought is a product of Mind and Mind is creative….
[W]e can come into harmonious relationship with
the Universal, and when we have accomplished this
we may ask anything to which we are entitled,
and the way will be made plain.

In this instance, the way couldn’t have been made any plainer. I didn’t have to leave my house, and I simply had to follow my nose!

As I held the iridescent rainbowy magnet in my hand, all the good things I remember about when I grew up seemed extra-good and extra-warm+fuzzy. I’m pretty sure that’s because during today’s webinar, when Mark helped us all use The Law of Forgiveness, I forgave my parents, my teachers, the church/religion I was raised in, and all toward whom I consciously and unconsciously held any resentment. Two hours later, BAM!: I found/manifested the missing magnet.

It’s no coincidence that it was a magnet. As Haanel tells us in MKS 6:2:

…this Mind is not only all intelligence but all substance.

And “all substance” includes magnets…and hearts!



MKMMA Week 6: Transactions

About a week ago, while doing my daily reading of the Blueprint Builder, I felt the end of the first sentence in the Fifth paragraph jump off the page and grab me:

…I will engage in no transaction
which does not benefit all whom it affects.

Since then, that sentence has whispered itself in my ear several times each day, so much so that by the third day, I knew it would be the topic of my next blog post.

I had read that sentence every day for a month before it jumped out at me. What gave it legs was probably the Give No Opinions exercise that had been introduced about 4 days prior to the first leap.

My first aha about that sentence was that I had defined the word transaction WAY too narrowly. I thought it meant only “the action of conducting business; an instance of buying or selling something; a business deal.” A dictionary search revealed this additional definition: “an exchange or interaction between people.”

My MKMMA-enhanced mind-stretching skills then produced the next aha: The words “an exchange or interaction” mean ANY and EVERY TYPE OF exchange and interaction.

Wondering how else the dictionary might enlighten me, I then looked up four more definitions:

Exchange (noun): the act of giving or taking one thing in return for another

Interaction: mutual or reciprocal action or influence; the act of talking or doing things with other people

Benefit (verb): to be useful, helpful, or profitable to someone or something

Affect (verb): to produce an effect upon; to act upon or to produce a material influence upon or alteration in a person or in a person’s mind or feelings so as to produce a response

Next aha: When we express an opinion, that’s a transaction! And unless we’re an expert on the topic of our opinion AND we’ve been ASKED for our opinion, there’s a very good chance that it will not benefit all whom it [our opinion] affects; i.e., people who hear or read our opinion directly or indirectly (second-hand).

And (I’m LOVING these ahas!)…..By practicing giving no opinions, we’re using the powerful Law of Practice to help us get perfect at engaging “in no transaction which does not benefit all whom it affects.”

I am profoundly grateful for these insights! This is how I imagine my grateful heart looks like:



MKMMA Week 5: Pop Quiz on The Law of Relaxation

A good friend of mine works part-time and her husband is retired. Over the past five years, they’ve developed a dog-walking business in our 1,600-home gated community. Last Friday, they left for a much-needed vacation and birthday celebration for her (a weeklong cruise). They asked me to help walk three owners’ dogs while they’re away.

All three dogs get walked sometime between 11:30am and 1pm. I have to drive 5 or 10 minutes to each house. Each dog-walking outing takes about 10 minutes. It’s pretty easy and fun because I like dogs. Everything went like clockwork on Friday.

Yesterday, I had to start my dog-walking at 10:50am because by 11:50am, I had to start my one-hour drive to my daughter’s house, so I could babysit while she attended a 1:30pm meeting at her children’s school. I took MY dog with me, and we headed out of of my driveway at 10:45. First house: Easy-Peasy. Got to the second house right on schedule.

At the second house, I unlocked the door, went in, and was enthusiastically greeted by the two small older dogs. First thing I noticed was about a dozen small pieces of cottony stuffing all over the living room floor. One of the dogs had chewed a hole in a stuffed toy, which I couldn’t readily find. I picked up the fuzzies and put them on the kitchen counter. I picked up their leashes, hooked them up, and we all headed out the front door. I turned the lock on the doornob, pulled it shut, and started walking down the driveway. We walked past my car (in which my dog was intently watching me walking the other two dogs), then we walked down the street and into a common area that was a bit slopey and full of autumn leaves. After taking care of business, we walked back home.

As we approached the front door, I reached into my pocket and couldn’t find the house key! It and the key to owner #1’s house were on a small cloth (blue rectangular) key fob. I thought I remembered putting the key fob in my jeans pocket as we were leaving the kitchen. And that’s why I had felt OK about locking the front door.

My first reaction was “Uh-oh! I must have dropped the key while we were walking. I’ll bet it fell out of my pocket in that leafy area and that’s why I didn’t hear it. I’ll retrace my steps and surely find it.” I hurried back down the driveway, aware that my schedule hadn’t included any time to walk any dogs twice! But I stayed calm, I kept me and the two dogs walking, and I scanned the entire area. When I hadn’t found the key fob in the leafy area, we started walking back again on the street. My old blueprint urged me to (1) berate myself for being so careless and stupid; and (2) panic because I couldn’t put the two dogs back in their house and I HAD to leave for my daughter’s house in 30 minutes! I started doubting whether I had put the key fob in my pocket or instead had left it on the kitchen counter.

I felt VERY close to crying when my Subby reminded me about The Law of Relaxation, one of Seven Laws of The Mind that I had just read prior to my morning sit three hours earlier.

My relaxed, calm state of mind
helps me access infinite intelligence.

I immediately relaxed and thought “Relax! Subby knows where the key is. This is a pop quiz to see if I believe The Law of Relaxation is real. I just need to be a channel of service.” I then thought/decided to take the two dogs with me to my daughter’s house. I was supposed to walk these two dogs again between 5-6pm anyway because the owner doesn’t get home until 7pm. So I loaded them into my car’s backseat (with a relaxed mind and fingers crossed that they would get along well with my dog!), and drove over to house #3. Walking that dog went well, and I was able to depart for my daughter’s house on time.

All 3 dogs slept almost the entire hour-long ride to my daughter’s house. My grandkids enjoyed playing with the extra 2 dogs, and my drive back to my house was uneventful.

I got to the 2 dogs’ house at 5:45. I leashed them up, and we again walked the same route we had walked this morning, my eyes scanning for the blue rectangular key fob. Three-quarters of the way into the leafy area…

A double Eureka moment! I found the dogs’ house key AND I found a profound and eternal 100% belief in The Law of Relaxation.

Thank you, Subby! You DEFINITELY had my back on that one!


MKMMA Week 4: The Griffin and BIZ611

I haven’t donated anything to my college for several years. (I graduated in 1972 and have not kept in touch with any of my classmates.) They recently mailed me a “giving invitation.” My old blueprint urged me to toss it in the trash because my small $25 donation probably wouldn’t be missed. But my new blueprint reminded me that this week’s MKMMA Lesson includes focusing on understanding The Law of Giving and Receiving. Then I heard (in my mind), “Do It NOW!”

When I went to the web address printed on the giving invitation card, I immediately saw the college emblem, which includes The Griffin (also spelled Gryphon). My cells that are addicted to Wisdom, Knowledge, and Learning said “Tell us what The Griffin symbolizes!” I had no idea, so I searched and discovered it’s an ancient legendary creature whose lion heart and back half combined with its eagle head, wings and front legs, to form “the noblest creature of all.” The Griffin was known for guarding treasure and priceless possessions, especially gold mined from the earth. I chuckled to think how it has been so loyally protecting my cement-encased Golden Buddha all these years.

By Lech Tadeusz Karczewski [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
I learned that “[m]ost everything that the Griffin does and represents is in twos or opposites: Good and Evil, Satan and Christ, fearsome and gentle, wild and tamed…The comparison to a Gryphon can likewise be attributed to any person or thing that seems to take up both sides of the same coin.” I smiled as I remembered my mother occasionally calling me “a street angel and a house devil!” when I started bickering with my sister. Her negative remarks served only to make her seem more unapproachable.

Then I thought about another set of opposites that I’ve promised to practice, practice, practice: Giving and Receiving. I thought again about The Griffin, and remembered that one of my good college-days friends gleefully donned The Griffin costume for basketball games and other spirited school events. No one else wanted to make a fool of herself back then, but I remember thinking how generous she was to GIVE of her time and energy to create some extra fun for all attendees. (The photo below is similar to the large costume she wore.)

I wondered how her life had turned out, so I searched for her name online. I was saddened to learn that she passed away peacefully May 24th. Her obituary was quite short, and simply said “she was an accomplished educator and librarian for over 40 years” and spent most of her career at one school in the Philadelphia School District. I can’t find anything else about her online. She came to my 1972 wedding and we stayed in touch until I moved to VA in 1988. She was a devoted aunt and great-aunt to MANY nieces and nephews and their kids. She certainly Gave of herself. I hope she Received abundantly.

Then I thought more about how many polar opposites exist in this world all at once, and how we get to choose whether we guard the Golden Buddha within or ask The Griffin (our Subby) to use its massive and powerful beak to help us break all the cement away so we can SHARE/GIVE our Gold away instead of continuing to “protect” (hoard) it. Hoarded gold has NO value.

Then I thought about that amazing video shown in yesterday’s webinar that proved that our feelings create peptides that physically change our cells and we can choose which peptides we want to create. I know my cells are addicted to WANTING money, which has resulted in my LACKING money. Because everything in Life as we know it is balanced, I think The Law of Giving and Receiving requires me to get my cells also addicted to GIVING money and feeling the Joy that comes from that action. So I submitted the form to donate to my college, and designated the funds to be used for the Library in memory of my deceased college friend and fellow Griffin. As I looked for a Giving & Receiving image to include here, I was delighted to find this one, which looks kinda Griffin-y to me.

Knowing The Griffin symbolizes so many opposites reminded me of two photos my husband took of me 2 days ago when we were touring downtown Hendersonville, NC, “The City of Four Seasons” (talk about balance!). We had headed out to western NC to enjoy the beautiful Fall foliage for a long weekend. While driving downtown, a building’s logo caught my eye: It’s rare to see my name Biz (my nickname from age 4 to 18 years ago when I legally changed my first name to Biz) on a building. But what was REALLLLY spooky is that my parents’ 2nd house number was 611. We moved there right after I graduated from high school. I lived there only during holiday and summer breaks during college, immediately after which I got married and moved to NY then DE. I was so moved and excited by the logo that I asked my husband to take a picture of me in front of it.

BIZ611 dark+light

In the first photo, he captured half  my face in sunlight, the other half in shadow. I immediately laughed and decided I was literally looking at my conscious and subconscious minds! The green leaf in the business logo symbolizes their mission to serve as “a ‘business incubator’ that nurtures small green, environmental, knowledge and technology businesses.” How appropriate! I’ve spent the last 35 years in the latter two industries.

 In the second closer-up photo, my face is in full sunlight and the leaf is over my head, perfect symbols for the bright new self-sustaining environment the MKMMA Experience is helping me create using its Knowledge and unique learning Technologies.

I’ll close with a request to My Griffin/Subby: You have my full permission to STOP GUARDING THE GOLD. Let’s GIVE it all away as fast as we can!

MKMMA Week 3: Will and Willingness

I’m very grateful for the growth I experienced this week after I completed one assignment, to cross out all the WILLs in Greatest Salesman Scroll 1. It’s SO much easier to form a clear mental image when reading a description of events and feelings that are happening NOW instead of happening some day  in the FUTURE! I now know why the word WILL has no place in my DMP.

Focusing on the word WILL this week made me think A LOT about the words
WILL (a strong desire or determination to do something; a person’s choice or desire in a particular situation)
WILLINGNESS (the quality or state of being disposed, inclined or prepared to do something; readiness).

All of what’s below is how my ponderings went (as guided by this week’s readings):

I was raised in a religion that taught that God gave us “free WILL” — the ability to choose, in every second, to love/do “the right thing” or not.

In the Master Key System Part 2, Haanel says the conscious mind is the seat of our WILL.

MKS Part 3 Sentence 2, he says “…the subconscious mind is intelligent and…creative, and responsive to the WILL of the conscious mind.” This means Subby is WILLINGNESS.

MKS Introduction Paragraph 4 says “…the mind-forces [the subconscious mind] are ever ready to lend themselves to a purposeful WILL, in the effort to crystallize thought and desire into actions, events and conditions.”

MKS Part 3 Sentence 3 says the vagus nerve forms “a connecting link between the two and [makes] man physically a ‘single entity’.”

Wait! That means I am WILL and WILLINGNESS?!?

I used to believe (because my religion taught) that the Divine part of me was WILL (as in “the Will of God”) and as “a child of God,” my “job” was to always show WILLINGNESS to listen and hear God’s Will (or Plan) for me and then be WILLING to act accordingly.

So…until this week, I’ve lived believing that my conscious mind is WILLINGNESS. I had NO IDEA that all this time, my subconscious mind is in fact WILLINGNESS! No wonder my Subby hasn’t motivated me to manifest my wildest dreams!! It’s because we’ve been trying to communicate like in the image below, where both people are listening for the other person to speak!!!


Eureka! I found 2 most-amazing Truths:
1. WILL and WILLINGNESS do reside in me, as my early religious training taught. But…
2. I’m not only ALLOWED TO do the talking, I’m SUPPOSED TO do the talking because I am Will and Subby is Willingness !

Let the manifesting begin!